The house on Lots 15 and 16 of Section B of the Upper Bowral Subdivision (now 52 Shepherd Street) was originally built in 1890 for Jane Pearce (widow) and acquired by George Bradman in 1911. 

Between the ages of three to fifteen, Don Bradman lived here with his parents George and Emily, and his siblings Islet, Lilian, Elizabeth and Victor. Family friend, Jessie Menzies also lived in the house with the Bradman's from 1920. 

It was at 52 Shepherd Street where Don Bradman developed his phenomenal batting skills by throwing a golf ball against the base of a tank stand. He would also practice his fielding skills by throwing a golf ball at the rounded rail of a fence on the property’s boundary.

In 2007 a heritage restoration of the house and the tank stand area were commenced and in 2013 the project won both The National Trust’s and Wingecarribee Shire Awards for Conservation and Heritage.

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The House circa 1890Don Bradman and his dog Teddy on the porch at 52 Shepherd Street.Don Bradman (right) and his elder brother Victor